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I began my professional career in biology (with a concentration in molecular genetics), mapping the genes on the long arm of the human chromosome 19, sequencing the genomes of two bacteriophages and subsequently studying the genetic markers of Y. pestis, the causative agent of the Black Plague.

Starting in 2009, I developed a serious interest in the artistry and craftsmanship of glassblowing that would soon become a passion.  At present I have been studying and practicing glassblowing for over 4 years, beginning at the BAGI in San Jose in mid-2009, followed by Public Glass in San Francisco commencing in 2011, and currently at Glow Glass Studios in Oakland.  I have had countless hours of hands-on experience in classroom settings and in one-on-one instruction and practice with a personal mentor.  So far I have produced over 100 pieces, primarily vessels such as bowls, vases, and cups.

I am constantly striving to refine my craft while sharing my art with those who value hand-made, one-of-a-kind objects that are simultaneously decorative and functional.



Artist’s Statement

As a student of molecular biology I always marveled at DNA, the essential molecule of life.  Its structure and function intrigued me, and later I was fortunate enough to work with it.  With its double helix, consisting of two intertwining phosphate/sugar backbones held together by the four nucleobases that make up the genetic code, it is a wondrous molecule in both design and purpose. As a fledgling glassblower, I was intrigued by the idea of creating a glass replica of the double helix using cane of different colors for each of the four bases and a fifth for the two phosphate/sugar backbones.  Even a portion of an actual gene could be represented as well.  One fascinating aspect of forming a three-dimensional scale model of the double helix in glass is that it could be represented in stunningly bright colors.

Even as a small child I was drawn to shiny, bright, multi-colored objects; a major factor in my eventual decision to become a glassblower would be my ability to design and produce beautiful objects that reflect that aesthetic.  Now that I‘m able to craft an array of vessels that displays my personal inspiration, nothing would please me more than sharing these cups, vases, and bowls with discerning admirers of hand-blown glass art.

Thank you for visiting my website, and please enjoy browsing through it at your leisure.